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Alfred F. Bailey 

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Jesse Wesley Bailey
1814 - 1876

Catherine' Kiddy' Ann Coward / Cowan
1814 - 1861
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Alfred F. Bailey
1834 - 10/13/1889
Alfred F. Bailey was born about 1834 somewhere in South Carolina and died on October 13, 1889 in Blountstown, Florida. Actual date of birth is unknown. He lived to be about 55 years old.

He had ten children with wife Martha:
  1. Jim Bailey
  2. Sam Bailey
  3. Jonas "Doc" Bailey
  4. John Bailey
  5. Emily Bailey Stewart
  6. Zettie Bailey Pope
  7. Vinnie Bailey Morrell
  8. Della Bailey Stephens
  9. Delia Bailey Sherrod
Census10/2/1850 SC (Marion County) 16 yrs old 
Recorded as family #1003: Jesse Bailey (age 34), Catherine (age 32), Alfred (16), Bryant (14), Jesse (12), Elizabeth (11), John (9), Samuel (7), Gadi (6), Preston (one month). Jesse is a farmer and estimates the value of his property to be $700. The three oldest children have been attending school. All were born in Marion County, SC. Catherine cannot read or write and it is noted on the census that she is either "deaf and dumb, blind, insane, idiotie, pauper, or convict". 
Census6/15/1860 Marianna FL (Jackson County) 26 yrs old 
Recorded as family #172: Jesse Baily Sr (age 46), Alfred L. (age 25), John L. (age 19), Samuel D. (age 17), Gadi (14), Preston (10) and Catherine (age 8). All were born in South Carolina except Catherine, who was born in Florida. Jesse is a farmer and estimates the value of his property to be $800. 
Additional information about Jackson County, FL around 1860: Click here to see a map from this timeperiod.  
Other8/2/1869 Abe Springs Bluff FL (Calhoun County) 35 yrs old 
In the name of the State of Florida, To the sheriff of Calhoun County, Greeting We commanded you, that you summons the following persons appended below, to be and appear before the Judge of our County Court at a court to be held at Abe Springs Bluff on the first Monday in September next by 10 o’clock in the morning, to serve as Jurors at and during the term of said court. Given under my hand and seal of the office this the 2nd day of Aug. AD 1869
Wm Clark – clerk
# 4 John Peacock
#8 Alfred Bailey
#11 S.W. Davis
#20 J.S. Stone  
Other1/29/1872 Abe Springs Bluff FL (Calhoun County) 38 yrs old 
Civil Action filed on Jan. 29,1872 against Alfred Bailey by S. Sutton for the sum of $26.00. They came before the court again on Feb. 12, 1872 – Alfred Bailey protested charges of owing $26.00 to S. Sutton.  
Other3/8/1872 Abe Springs Bluff FL (Calhoun County) 38 yrs old 
State of Florida – Calhoun County

In the name of the State of Florida, to the Sheriff of Courthouse
We command you to summons the following named persons to be and appear before the judge of our Circuit Court at Abe Springs Bluff on the second Monday of April next if being the first day of the month, turn of our said Court by 10 o’clock am. To service as grand jurors during said turn given under my hand and seal of the office this the 8th day of March AD 1872
Henry Clark – clerk
1. J. W. Bailey (penciled in next to name – dead)
20. Alford Bailey (penciled in next to name - paid). 
Marriage10/23/1873 FL (Calhoun County) 39 yrs old 
page 56: marriage of Alford Bailey to Martha Ann Marthews on Oct. 23, 1873.   Source:
Census1/1/1880 Hansford Mills, Precinct 4 FL (Calhoun County) 46 yrs old 
129- Alfred (age 40) , Martha (22), Joel (6) , Joshua (4) , Lizah (6mo.)- born in Jan. All born in FL. Alfred states he is a farmer, his parents were born in SC. Marsha parents born in NC & SC. 
Additional information about Calhoun County, FL around 1880: Blountstown was declared the seat of Calhoun County in 1880. Prior to that, Abe Springs had been the county seat. Click here to see a map from this timeperiod.  
Other1/1/1882 FL (Calhoun County) 48 yrs old 
Revised List of jurors -
Pg. 1: #1. Wm Ayers, 2. Thos Ayers, 3. Asa Ayers, 9. Sam Ayers, 10. Ish Ayers, 13. Benj. Ayers, 15. Alfred Bailey, 17. Gadi Bailey, 22. P.B. Bailey, 23. Wm M. Clark. ,44. Wm Cutts, 46. L. C. Davis, 46. Isaac Etheridge, 47. B. H. Franklin
page 2: 68. Caleb Halley, 75. Jno T. Kent, 76. W.A. Kent, 79. Jno A. Kelley, 81. Jno Kent,
page 3: #85. Geo Sutton, 96. B. F. McDaniel, 97. Josh McDaniel, 99. Jasper Musgrove, 100. J. M. Maddox,107. Thos McKeown
page 4: 114 Robt Nixon, 115 J. J. Nixon, 116 R. W. Nixon,118 Jno H. Parish, 119. Thomas Parish Sr., 120. Thomas Parish Jr., 122. Jno W. Peacock, 123. Jno. W. Pope, 125. B. F. Pope, 126. Tim Pope, 130. J.M. Peacock
page 5:143.J.R. Stone, 151. David Stephens, 152. L.M. Stone, 156. S.S. Stone, 153. A.J. Wood, 155. Joe Wood, 156. J.C. Wood, 172. Levi Yon, 173. Newton Yon, 174. T.M. Yon, 175. John Yon, 176. H. A. Yon 
Census1/1/1885 FL (Calhoun County) 51 yrs old 
176 -Alford Bailey (age 49), Mattie Bailey (27), James Bailey (30), Rosa Bailey (13), J H Bailey (12), Joseph Barley (10), Frmedy Barley (10), Jonas Bailey (7), Elga Bailey (5), C V Bailey(2). Alfred was born in SC, as were his parents. Mattie was born in FL, her parents in SC. All other born in FL. Alfred is a farmer. 
Additional information about Calhoun County, FL around 1885: The principle towns in Calhoun County were Blountstown, Marysville, Chipola, Selman, Ocheesee, and Abe Springs. In 1884 railroads in Florida were bought out by one company and placed under central management. River Junction, located at the junction of the Chattahoochee and Flint Rivers, is the closest railroad and the primary hub of land transports. The photo on the right shows the iron bridge than spans the Chattahoochee River about a mile from the Depot at River Junction where wharves, storage, steamboats and hotels bussel with activity. Click the photo for a larger view. Click here to see a map from this timeperiod.
Graveyard/Tombstone10/13/1889 Blountstown FL (Calhoun County) 55 yrs old 
Magnolia Cemetery: Alfred A. Bailey, died October 13, 1889. Tombstone has only one date and the inscription 'Asleep in Jesus'. Two infant sons are also buried: Jessy and Jody. There are over 50 other Baileys in this cemetery. 

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Click on any of the News, Events, or Discoveries buttons above to see historical things that happened during Alfred Bailey's life. These are only some of the major events that affected the life and times of Alfred, his family, and friends. For example, Alfred is 1 years old when Second Seminole Indian War begins.
1 1835 The Second Seminole Indian War keeps the United States and Seminoles Indians fighting in North & Central Florida.
3 1837 NEWS HEADLINES: In October, Chief Osceola of the Seminole Indians is captured when he arrives for supposed truce negotiations at Fort Payton. He is imprisoned at St. Augustine, FL where he refuses to eat and attempts to escape several times. In December he is moved to a prison in SC where he dies on January 20, 1838. At the time of his death, Osceola was the most famous American Indian.
8 1842 Second Seminole Indian War ends and some of the Seminole Indians living in FL are moved to the Indian Territory
8 1842 Congress passes the Armed Occupation Act of 1842. It entitles persons willing and able to bear arms against the Indians and establish themselves in villages along the borders of Indian territory ownership of their land after 5 years.
11 1845 Florida becomes the 27th state to join the United States. William Moseley becomes the first governor and David Yulee the first senator.
16 1850 Florida's total population has grown to 87,445. This includes about 39,000 slaves and 1,000 free blacks. Indians were not counted.
21 1855 Third Seminole Indian War begins and war breaks out with most of the battles occurring in Central Florida. It ends three years later when Chief Billy Bowlegs and his band are forced to move from Florida.
27 1861 No Floridian's voted for Lincoln during the 1860 election. On Jan. 10, 1861, Florida seceded from the U.S. and joined the Confederate States of America a few weeks later.
30 1864 Battle of Olustee is a Confederate victory. Union troops pull back
31 1865 Battle at Natural Bridge (Wakulla County) is a Confederate victory.
31 1865 May 10th -- Union troops occupy Tallahassee. While Tallahassee was the only Confederate state capital east of the Mississippi River that had not been captured, Union troops occupy the capitol following the surrender of the major Confederate armies in the east.
36 1870 During the 1870s, the remaining Seminole Indians begin establishing trading posts and other economy with local settlers.
48 1882 The Florida Central and Western Railroad Company was created. It combines the Florida Central, Jacksonville, Pensacola, and Mobile railroads.
49 1883 Three railroad companies are merged to form the Florida Transit and Penisular Railroad Company. Thee are: Florida Transit Railroad Co., Peninsular Railroad Co, and the Tropical Florida Railroad Co.
50 1884 Most railroads in Florida are passed into the hands of a single company owned and operated by a single management, under the name of The Florida Railway and Navigation Company. It has more that 500 miles of main track in operation and about 300 miles of track under construction. The longest route was the "Western Division" which ran from Tallahassee to Jacksonville - 209 miles.
5 1839 Goodyear invents vulcanized rubber, opening the door for tires and other rubber products.
10 1844 The first telegraph message is sent by Morse, who later invents the Mores Code
19 1853 The process of creating steel is invented by Besermer in Britain and Kelly in the U.S.
22 1856 The first Neanderthal fossils are found near Germany
25 1859 Charles Darwin publishes "Origin of Species" and begins the evolution theory.
31 1865 Mendel publishes his papers on genetics and introduces the concept to the public.
35 1869 Cro-magnon Man fossils are found in France
43 1877 Edison invents the phonograph permitting music and voices to be recorded and replayed.
45 1879 Edison invents the electric light bulb.
55 1889 The first calculating machine is invented and uses punch cards
27 1861 NEWS HEADLINES: American Civil war begins at Ft. Sumter, located in Charleston Harbor, VA.
28 1862 NEWS HEADLINES: May 20, 1862 the US government passes the Homestead Act to provide cheap land for settlement of lower Southeast and West.
48 1882 NEWS HEADLINES: Edison creates the first large power station in New York City, making it the first place in America to have electricity.
51 1885 NEWS HEADLINES: Eastman invents the box camera. For the first time photography becomes affordable for the average citizen.
26 1860 About 63,000 men from South Carolina served in the Confederate armed forces.
34 1868 South Carolina was readmitted to the Union.
1 1835 Second Seminole Indian War begins.
3 1837 The trickery used to capture Seminole Indian Chief Osceola (Assi Yohola) creates a public uproar and U.S. General Jesup is publicly condemned.
6 1840 Oregon Trail is established
8 1842 Second Seminole Indian War ends and thousands of Seminole Indians are forced to move west of the Mississippi.
21 1855 Third Seminole Indian War begins. It ends three years later when Chief Billy Bowlegs and his band are forced to move from Florida.
26 1860 Presidential election puts Abraham Lincoln in office. The campaign has heated the issues regarding slavery in the south.
28 1862 May 20, 1862 the US government passes the Homestead Act to provide cheap land for settlement of lower Southeast and West.
29 1863 Abraham Lincoln issues the "Emancipation Proclamation" freeing slaves.
31 1865 American Civil war ends with General Lee's surrender at Appomattox, VA. Reconstruction begins in the "old South"
34 1868 An eight-hour work day is established for federal employees.
41 1875 Tennessee enacts Jim Crow law.
42 1876 The National League of Baseball is founded
Family Snapshots
Alfred Bailey
Alfred Bailey

Martha Marthews
Born about 1858 and died on November 10, 1894
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