Howard - Halley Family Photo Album

About this Site

This site has been created by three Howard/Halley sisters as a gift to our children and family. While the initial research and photo collection has been on-going, it began in earnest when our youngest sister became the official "keeper of the family reunion photo albums" for both sides of our family in 2002. Through her diligent work, many new photos have been added as well as new research on the life and times of our ancestors.

By no means, are we responsible for all of the information and facts you find on this site! Research was begun many years ago by other family members and passed down to us. Special acknowledgements go to:

  • Ell Wood and John Wood Ayers for the Halley and Peacock family research
  • Gail Wall for the Howard family research
  • Nancy Patterson for the Thomas Davis family research
  • Amos Howard for the James Ward family research
  • Frank Howard and Susan Sapronetti for the John Henry Davis family research
  • Dorene and Patricia Spears for the Bailey family research
  • Doug Knudson for the Koser family research
  • -- please let us know if we missed anyone!

As the collection of old photos began in ernest, they were scanned and touched-up using Photoshop to restore damaged areas. First video tapes and later CDs were used to distribute these photos to family groups. As word and copies continued to spread the demand began to exceed time and other resources!

So, how can we share all of these old photos with everyone? The eldest sister supplied the answer by creating this password-protected website in March 2004. Sorry, only family members can have access to the photos and other information collected on the living. The remaining photos can be viewed without a password and are made available to all the other genealogy researchers (especially our first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, etc. cousins!).

Thanks for visiting and we welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions.