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David Nathaniel Cutts 

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William David Cutts Jr
6/1858 - 1905

Cordelia Ellen Cain
1/31/1869 - 1950
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David Nathaniel Cutts
9/17/1889 - 9/29/1924
(Shown at age 26)
David Nathaniel Cutts was born on September 17, 1889 in Calhoun Co., Florida and died on September 29, 1924 in Gadsden Co., Florida. He lived to be 35 years old.

He was called "Sweetie". He married Annie E. Cooper, they had two daughters, Thelma Lucille Cutts ( 1/11/1918 to 9/2/1980) and Emily Ellen Cutts 2/17/1923 to 12/16/2004).

My mother said that he lost the eye while working in a grocery store in the Altha vicinity. It seems that Coca Colas were originally just shelved and sold at room temperature (making them somewhat volatile since manufacturing wasn’t as closely controlled back then). He was placing Cokes on a shelf about face high when one “exploded” resulting in glass shards being embedded in his eye. Story told by J. Mulder Brown
Census6/1/1900 Board Head district FL (Calhoun County) 10 yrs old 
William D. Cutts (age 41,Jun.1858) Cordelia E. Cutts (31,Jan.1869) David N. Cutts (10,Sept.1889) James J. Cutts (2,Jan.1898) George D. Cutts (8.12,Sept.1899), All were born in Florida, except Cordelia born in LA. William's parents were born in SC. Cordelia's mother in AL,& father TX. William states he is a Justice of the peace. Married 12 years, had 3 kids. All state they can read & write. States they own a farm, are paying mortgage and are #80 on the farm schedule. 
Additional information about Calhoun County, FL around 1900: The first automobile, nick-named Chicken Killer, arrives in Blountstown in 1905. The photo on the right shows The Chicken Killer. Click the photo for a larger view. Click here to see a map from this timeperiod.
Census5/14/1910 Traylors Mill FL (Calhoun County) 20 yrs old 
#46 - David N. Cutts (age 20) & Annie E. (19). Both born in FL, they have been married 2 years and have no children. David is a farmer.

next door -#45 -(David's brother) James J. Cutts (12) lives with Seborn C.T. & Delia E. O'Brian and family.  
Military3/17/1917 FL (Okaloosa County) 27 yrs old 
World War I Draft Registration Card -#269- David N. Cutts - born 9/17/1888 in Blountstown, FL., race: white, occupation: school teacher in Okaloosa Co., address: Laurel Hill Rt. 1; married, nearest relative: wife, Served before: 3 years as office Int. with FLa Natl. Guard. Height: Tall, build: medium, Eyes: Brown, Hair: dark Brown. Has person lost arm, leg, eye or is he obviously physically disqualified?: right eye. 
Census6/6/1920 West Bay, district 11 FL (Bay County) 30 yrs old 
# 49 - David N. Cutts (age 30), Annie E. (27) & Thelma L (1 11mo). all born in FL. David states his job is fisherman, location: Bay. They own home. David & Annie can both read & write. 
Graveyard/Tombstone9/29/1924 Nettle Ridge Cemetery FL (Calhoun County) 35 yrs old 
David Cutts is buried in an unmarked grave. 

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Click on any of the News, Events, or Discoveries buttons above to see historical things that happened during David Cutts's life. These are only some of the major events that affected the life and times of David, his family, and friends. For example, David is 20 years old when The National Association for Advancement of Colored People is formed (NAACP)
17 1906 An attempt to drain the Everglades and convert it to farmland begins.
28 1917 Seminole Indians become a Florida tourist attraction.
6 1895 Wireless telegraph and the "antenna" are invented but it covers a very short distance.
8 1897 First ship to shore message is sent using an improved form of wireless telegraph
11 1900 Freud publishes his book "The Interpretation of Dreams"
11 1900 The cause of yellow fever is discovered. It is proven that the fever is spread by mosquitoes. This rallies an effort to provide better mosquito control.
12 1901 First transatlantic wireless telegraph is sent.
13 1902 The first Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil is discovered.
14 1903 Wright Brothers complete the first successful flight with an airplane at Kitty Hawk
15 1904 The first vacuum tube diode is invented by Fleming
17 1906 Kellogg sells the first box of Corn Flakes
17 1906 Electrons are discovered by Thomson
17 1906 The triode vacuum tube is invented
23 1912 The unsinkable Titanic sinks on its first trip to New York drowning 1,513 people.
24 1913 Ford builds the first assembly line into his automobile production plant
25 1914 The first traffic lights (which is only red or green) are put up in America; Construction of the Panama Canal is completed
34 1923 Diphtheria vaccine is developed; Insulin is produced to treat diabetes
34 1923 Freud publishes "The Ego and the Id"
35 1924 Insecticides are used for the first time on crops
19 1908 NEWS HEADLINES: Henry Ford produces the first Model T automobile
23 1912 White residents of Forsyth County, GA, drive the black population out.
24 1913 NEWS HEADLINES: Edison invents motion pictures
28 1917 NEWS HEADLINES: In June, the United States enters World War I on the side of the allies. The Russian Revolution ends the reign of the czars and thrusts Russia into communism.
30 1919 NEWS HEADLINES: World War I ends with the signing of The Versailles Treaty.
20 1909 The National Association for Advancement of Colored People is formed (NAACP)
21 1910 Boy Scout and Girl Scout Organizations are introduced in America and the concept of a "week end" meaning time off from regular work begins to take root. The British Empire covers 1/5th of the world land area.
20 1909 The "Piltdown Man" hoax -- a fake archeological discovery announced by dishonest scientists who wanted to "prove" that human beings had evolved in Europe
25 1914 World War I - Following the crisis touched off by the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria in Sarajevo, Germany declared war on Russia and additional countries joined the war within several days.
28 1917 Germany uses airplanes to drop bombs in the early stages of World War I -- the first major military use of airplanes.
30 1919 The Versailles Treaty marks the official end of World War I.
31 1920 Adolph Hitler begins to organize the Nazi party in Germany; The Ku Klux Klan launches a recruitment campaign using mass marketing techniques to gain 85,000 new recruits; the first commercial broadcast is made.
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Annie Cooper
Born on June 28, 1891 and died on January 5, 1982
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