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Willson Coward / Cowan
1783 - 3/28/1853
Willson Coward / Cowan was born about 1783 in Marion, South Carolina and died on March 28, 1853 in Marion, South Carolina. Actual date of birth is unknown. He lived to be about 70 years old.

Joel Coward (1805 -1860? Marion Co. SC)
Hansel Coward(1825-1860?)- married Jane______
Frances Coward - marred Ephraim Taylor
Penny Coward(1815-1860?)
Sarah Coward(1814-1870?) -married Samuel Lane
Martha Coward (1809-1865?)- marred Allen Jones
Ann Coward- married John Lee
Cathrine "Kiddy"Coward Bailey.
Census1/1/1840 SC (Marion County) 57 yrs old 
This information, while true, may NOT apply to our Willson Coward / Cowan.  Willson Coward : one male 5-10,one male 50-60,one female 15-20 and one female 50-60. 
Census1/1/1850 SC (Macon County) 67 yrs old 
family # 1585 Wilson Coward (age 67) wife, Sarah (age 65) Wilson is a farmer. His estate value is $2000. States they are both born in Marion Co. SC.

next door #1586, Joel Coward (44)with wife Penny (34)and six children. 
Other3/28/1853 SC (Marion County) 70 yrs old 
WILL OF WILSON COWARD In the name of God Amen I Wilson Coward of the State of South Carolina, Marion Dis- trict, being admoneshed form the infirmity of my body, that my temperal ex- istance must soon close, and being disposed to make a distribution of my earthly estate among my heirs, do , on this the twenty eight day March, make Anno Domini, one thousand eight hundred and fifty three, make, constitute, and ordain this my last will and Testament, in manner and form following, vis, First my will is, that all my just debts and funeral expences, be paid out of such personal estate as I may die pofsefsed of, Next, I give and bequeath to my wife Sarah, of my real estate a trust of land where I now live of one hundred fifty acres bought of Wm, Manners., another adjoining Containing two hundred acres bought of Wm Hamilton, and also another of Sixty acres, bought of John Maning, and one other of about eighty acres, bought of Malcom Stafford, lying on and in Maple Swamp, all the above named tracts of land, I give to my wife Sarah, except one hundred acres here in after given to my daughter Martha Jones, during the natural life of said wife. Sarah. and/at her death I give the said lands to my son Hansel Coward and to his lawful heirs born of/his body but if he shall die without any such heirs then the land herein given to him shall return to my heirs I also bequeath to my wife Sarah All my personal estate of every sort, and Kind, negroes, Stock, plan- tation tools, household furniture, monies and credits, and provisions during her natural life, and at her death to be subject to the disposion herein after made, but all the other property negroes and lands excepted, to her at her absolute disposal, I give To my son Joel Coward all the ballance of my lands except one hundred acres herein after given to Martha Jones, and fifty acres herein after given to Ervin Coward, I also give to my son Joel my negro man Damon, my negroe boy Ned, and negroe boy Daniel, at the death of my wife Sarah, but he Shall pay to Kiddy Baily or her hiers, one hundred a fifty which I give to my daughter Kiddy Baily, I also give and bequeath to son Joel half the interests profits and emoluments of my mill, the other half I give to my son Hansel, I give and bequeath also, to my son Hansel the lands land given to his mother at her death I also give him at the death of my wife/my negroe, PAGE 2 woman Alse and negroe boy Sam to him and to the lawful born of his body but if he should die without and such heirs then the land and negroes here- in given, to return to my heirs, To my daughter Sarah Lane I give and be- queath my negroe girl Mary and also that tract of land of one hundred and thirty five acres on the side of Little Peedee bought of Isaac Hyott for her to have the use and benifit of the said negroe and land yet that she nor her husband during her natural life yet that she nor her husband can not sell nor here the said negroe nor sell nor rent the said land nor shall uther the said land or negroe be subject to execution or to be taken for any debt which she or her husband may contract and at her/death I give the land and negroe herein named for the use and benefet of my said daughter to her heirs, her children, lawfully born of her body the negroe herein to remain with my wife till death as before stated To my daughter Penny I give and bequeath at the death of my wife my negroe girl alary and negroe woman Jenny To my daughter Martha Jones I give and bequeath the use and benefit of one hundred acres of land where she live from Malcom Clarks land on the north of the plantation to a certain crofs fense to Which Mrs. Manning's field extended and on Westwardly to include one hundred acres with all priviledge of timber outlet and range during her hernatural life and. at her death to go to my son Hansel Coward To my Grand sons John Lee and Richard Lee I give at the death of my wife my ne- groe boy Henry to be equally divided between them I give and bequeath to Ervin Coward son of my daughter Frances fifty acres of/land along Whitten Hamilton's and Isaac Stackhouses land including the place where Robt Taylor live And lastly I constitute and ordain my son Joel Coward my executor to this my last will and Testament In testamony where of I have here unto set my hand on the day and in the year first above written to this for my last will revoking all others his Signed in presence of Wilson X Coward mark Malcom Stafford Thomas Bridges James H. Stafford Recorded in Will Book 2, Page 147 Recorded Septr. 5, 1853 Roll No. 983  

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Click on any of the News, Events, or Discoveries buttons above to see historical things that happened during Willson Coward / Cowan's life. These are only some of the major events that affected the life and times of Willson, his family, and friends. For example, Willson is 4 years old when Constitution of the United States is signed
2 1785 The power loom was invented by Cartwright to produce cloth.
10 1793 The cotton gin was invented by Whitney.
16 1799 The Rosetta Stone was discovered
17 1800 The first battery was invented by Volta
24 1807 The first steamboat was invented by Fulton
31 1814 The first locomotive engine was created by Stephenson
47 1830 The first railroad is constructed between Liverpool and Manchester, England
56 1839 Goodyear invents vulcanized rubber, opening the door for tires and other rubber products.
61 1844 The first telegraph message is sent by Morse, who later invents the Mores Code
70 1853 The process of creating steel is invented by Besermer in Britain and Kelly in the U.S.
17 1800 NEWS HEADLINES: Seat of U.S. government moves from Philadelphia to Washington DC
28 1811 NEWS HEADLINES: Tecumseh's emerging Indian Confederacy is defeated at the Battle of Tippecanoe in Ohio. Afterwards, Tecumseh and his brother travel from their Shawnee homes in the north to recruit and unify the southern Indians.
29 1812 NEWS HEADLINES: War of 1812 begins and will continue for until 1814. Some call it the Second War of Independence because the US fights Great Britain to a stalemate, Americas independence was assured.
45 1828 Gold is discovered in Georgia.
51 1834 July 9 - The S.S. John Randolph, the first successful iron steamship, is launched in Savannah
5 1788 South Carolina joins the United States of America. State government is moved from Charleston to Columbia two years later.
47 1830 South Carolina becomes the first state to secede from the Union, setting the stage for the creation of the Confederacy.
4 1787 Constitution of the United States is signed
10 1793 Alexander McGillivray, the head of the Creek Indian Nation, dies. A restlessness begins to grow among the Indians in what is now Georgia, Alabama and Northern Florida as town chiefs via for the vacant leadership role.
11 1794 The United States establishes the Navy
15 1798 Mississippi Territory organized from Georgia's western land claims. It includes what will later become portions of Mississippi, Alabama and Northern Florida,
20 1803 Louisiana Purchase from France (who secured it from Spain) gives the US a huge new territory and the port of New Orleans.
21 1804 The Seminole warrior later known as Osceola is born near Tuskegee, AL.
22 1805 Federal Road project begins after the Creek Indians give the U.S. permission to develop a “horse path” through their nation that will provide better mail delivery between Washington City (DC) and New Orleans. Soon settlers are traveling and settling along this path to settle the southern frontier.
23 1806 Lewis and Clark Expedition, which began in 1804, ends. News of the rich lands to the west begins to spread.
28 1811 By 1811 the new "Federal Road" (which started as a horse path) is filled with a steady flow of white settlers into Creek Indian Territories. The Spanish begin to fan hostile sentiments among the Indians.
37 1820 The Act of April 24, 1820 abolished the land purchase credit system, fixed the price of public lands at $1.25 per acre, and set the minimum purchase at 80 acres. After a person purchased land, a final certificate was issued by the land office and sent to Washington DC to be verified and signed by the President -- a time consuming process. Public lands were most typically available through US treaties with Indians who agreed to be removed from their homelands.
47 1830 Indian Removal Act signed and the moving of eastern Indians west of the Mississippi begins.
52 1835 Second Seminole Indian War begins.
54 1837 The trickery used to capture Seminole Indian Chief Osceola (Assi Yohola) creates a public uproar and U.S. General Jesup is publicly condemned.
57 1840 Oregon Trail is established
59 1842 Second Seminole Indian War ends and thousands of Seminole Indians are forced to move west of the Mississippi.
4 1787 Catherine the Great leads Russia into war with Turkey
5 1788 Russia begins war with Sweden
6 1789 French feudal system is abolished with the Declaration of Rights of Man. Outbreak of hostilities in France with the fall of the Bastille on July 14; Revolution in Austrian Netherlands declares independence as Belgium
9 1792 French Revolutionary Wars begin and the French royal family is imprisoned the following year
10 1793 Marie Antoinette is executed; Fugitive Slave Act passed; Roman Catholic faith is banned in France; France declares war on Britain and Holland.
12 1795 White Terror and bread riots in Paris
13 1796 Napoleon marries Josephine de Beauharnais
14 1797 Napoleon proclaims the Venetian Constitution, founds Ligurian Republic in Genoa
50 1833 Santa Anna is elected President of Mexico

Sarah Manning
Born about 1785 and died about 1870
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The Children of Willson Coward / Cowan

Catherine' Kiddy' Ann Coward / Cowan
Born in Marion Co., South Carolina about 1814 and died in Fountain, Florida about 1861. She was about 47 years old.

Parents: Wilson and Sarah Manning Coward.

The actual date of Catherine's death has come under question. It has been said that she died in childbirth, possibly giving birth to Catherine E...
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