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Lula Virginia Smith 

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Alexander Washington Smith Jr.
12/25/1884 - 11/1/1926

Mattie Eula Howard
6/11/1894 - 9/15/1971
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Lula Virginia Smith
11/30/1913 - 7/29/1925
Lula Virginia Smith was born on November 30, 1913 in Arlington, Georgia and died on July 29, 1925 in Albany, Dougherty County, Georgia. She lived to be 11 years old.

Census1/29/1920 Millford, Militia District 957 GA (Baker County) 6 yrs old 
dwelling#261, household#262 - Elick (Alex) W. Smith (age33), Mattie Smith (28), Phil W. Smith (7), Lula Smith (6 3mo.) Girtrud Smith (3 3mo.) Ruby L. Smith (10 mo.). They rent their house. All born in GA. Elick is a farmer. Elick & Mattie can read & write.  
Death Certificate7/29/1925 Albany GA (Dougherty County) 11 yrs old 
Name: Lula Virginia Smith Birth Date: 1913, Birth Place: Arlington, Georgia, Death Date: July 29, 1925, Death Place: Albany, Dougherty, Death Age: 11, Race: White, Ethnicity: American, Gender: Female, Father Name: A. W. Smith, Mother Name: Mattie Howard, Film Number: 2363472 
Graveyard/Tombstone7/30/1925 Milford Cemetery GA (Baker County) 11 yrs old 
Name: Lula V. Smith Birth Date: Nov.30, 1913,Death Date: July 29, 1925, Cemetery: Milford Baptist Church Cemetery, Burial Place: Baker County, Georgia,  

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1 1914 Barrow, Candler, Bacon, and Evans Counties are formed.
4 1917 Atkinson and Treutlen Counties are formed.
7 1920 Seminole, Lanier, Brantley, Long, and Lamar Counties are formed.
11 1924 Peach County is formed.
1 1914 The first traffic lights (which is only red or green) are put up in America; Construction of the Panama Canal is completed
10 1923 Diphtheria vaccine is developed; Insulin is produced to treat diabetes
10 1923 Freud publishes "The Ego and the Id"
11 1924 Insecticides are used for the first time on crops
4 1917 NEWS HEADLINES: In June, the United States enters World War I on the side of the allies. The Russian Revolution ends the reign of the czars and thrusts Russia into communism.
6 1919 NEWS HEADLINES: World War I ends with the signing of The Versailles Treaty.
1 1914 World War I - Following the crisis touched off by the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria in Sarajevo, Germany declared war on Russia and additional countries joined the war within several days.
4 1917 Germany uses airplanes to drop bombs in the early stages of World War I -- the first major military use of airplanes.
6 1919 The Versailles Treaty marks the official end of World War I.
7 1920 Adolph Hitler begins to organize the Nazi party in Germany; The Ku Klux Klan launches a recruitment campaign using mass marketing techniques to gain 85,000 new recruits; the first commercial broadcast is made.

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