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John  Adams 

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Jeremy Adams
1604 - 8/11/1683

Rebecca Taylor Baseden
1608 - 12/20/1689
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John Adams
1637 - 9/6/1670
John Adams was born about 1637 in Hartford, Connecticut and died on September 6, 1670 in Hartford, Connecticut. Dates for birth and death are estimated. He lived to be about 33 years old.

It is known that John and Abigail were underage at the time of their marriage a record of parental consent was filed in Hartford, Conn. John and Abigail had 8 children one was born after his death in 1670. Their children are: Rebecca Adams 1658 1726 Abigail Adams 1660 1692 Sarah Adams 1661 1682 Jeremiah Adams 1664 1735 John Adams 1666 1750 Thomas Adams 1667 1722 Jonathan Adams 1668 1727 Lydia Adams 1670 unknown
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Click on any of the News, Events, or Discoveries buttons above to see historical things that happened during John Adams's life. These are only some of the major events that affected the life and times of John, his family, and friends. For example, John is 23 years old when During the 1660's plantation owners change the laws and revoke contracts so that the Africans cannot earn their freedom.
29 1666 Sir Isaac Newton invents calculus
23 1660 During the 1660's plantation owners change the laws and revoke contracts so that the Africans cannot earn their freedom.
26 1663 The Carolina colonies are established after King Charles II grants the territory to eight loyal supporters.
33 1670 In March, the first permanent settlement in South Carolina is established at Albemarle Point (Charles Town, SC).
5 1642 England's Civil Wars begin
10 1647 The Society of Friends founded. Later this group becomes known as Quakers.
11 1648 King Charles I of England is executed
14 1651 England's Civil Wars end
23 1660 Louis XIV of France marries Maria Teresa Infanta of Spain
29 1666 Great Fire of London
33 1670 Hudson Bay Company formed (English)

Abigail Smith
Born about 1632 and died on an unknown day in April 1689
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The Children of John Adams

John Adams Sr
Born in Hartford, Connecticut on September 4, 1666 and died in Long Island City, Queens, New York about 1750. He was about 83 years old.

It is believed that John and Phebe were married in 1688 and then later married Esther Cady in 1710 and his children with Phebe are: Abigail Adams 1706 1710 John Adams 1708 1762 Jonas Adams 1...
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