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Randy James Nolan
1/18/1971 - 6/8/1994
(Shown at age 19)
Randy James Nolan was born on January 18, 1971 in an unknown place and died on June 8, 1994 in an unknown place. He lived to be 23 years old.

He was adopted and raised by Frieda Nolan (his grandmother).
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Click on any of the News, Events, or Discoveries buttons above to see historical things that happened during Randy Nolan's life. These are only some of the major events that affected the life and times of Randy, his family, and friends. For example, Randy is 1 years old when Break-in at the Democratic headquarters sets of the Watergate Scandal.
3 1974 Discovery of "Lucy" in Africa, an almost complete hominid skeleton over 3 million years old, only 3 and a half feet tall but having adult teeth, a small brain, walked upright
4 1975 Invention of the CAT scanner (computerized axial tomography)
8 1979 First "test tube baby" from artificial insemination
10 1981 AIDS is identified by scientist; The first reusable space shuttle, Columbia, is sent into space.
15 1986 Moments after liftoff the space shuttle Challenger explodes, killing size astronauts and a New Hampshire teacher.
18 1989 An asteroid comes relatively close to colliding with the earth
19 1990 Hubble Space Telescope launched; optical defect discovered and repaired later in 1993.
23 1994 The world watches comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 (S-L 9) colliding with Jupiter
6 1977 NEWS HEADLINES: Star Wars is released and becomes the biggest ticket selling movie of all time.
13 1984 NEWS HEADLINES: The first Macintosh computer with a mouse is launched and begins the computer age as it is shortly followed by the first PC and Microsoft.
21 1992 NEWS HEADLINES: The "World Wide Web" (Internet) became available for home use through college and university sponsored "freenets".
1 1972 Break-in at the Democratic headquarters sets of the Watergate Scandal.
2 1973 The Vietnam War peace pacts were signed in Paris and the last of the American forces finally leave Vietnam.
6 1977 Jimmy Carter, a Democrat from GA, is elected president.
10 1981 Ronald Reagan is elected president. He will serve two terms. (Republican)
16 1987 January 24 - approximately 20,000 protesters march through Cummings, Georgia in all White Forsyth County.
16 1987 President Reagan and Soviet leader Gorbachev meet in Washington and sign an agreement calling for the dismantling of all Soviet and US missiles.
18 1989 George Bush is elected president. (Republican)
22 1993 Bill Clinton is elected president. He will serve two terms. (Democrat)
23 1994 O.J. Simpson is chased down by police and later his trial is telecast for the world to watch.
18 1989 The Berlin Wall falls uniting communist East Germany and capitalistic West Germany
19 1990 Iraq (Sadam Hussein) invades Kuwait causing the U.N. to impose sanctions. This leads to the Gulf War.
21 1992 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is formed.
22 1993 South Africa accepts racial equality.

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