Regina H. Blackstock, professional genealogist


I am a professional genealogist and have been actively researching my family and others for more than 20 years. I started like most, researching my own family roots in the late 1990s. After I retired in 2010, however, I began to spend more time helping others with their family research. I will be posting a few of my works here, with permission of the respective families.


  1. New Evidence - James B. (Bear) Ward (1796-1861)
    Between 1998 and 2006 there was an ongoing effort to find the parents of James B. Ward. Jerry Merritt published a detailed research paper online showing Nathan Ward of SC had to be James B. Ward's parenets. However, new evidence has emerged which may change this conclusion.

  2. What are EC Numbers?
    What are Eastern Creek Numbers? How do you get one? Or, maybe you already have one!

  3. Elizabeth English Ward was a Creek Indian
    This research report reviews records where Elizabeth English Ward was observed and recorded, explores reasons why her race was never recorded as "Indian," and reviews the current body of evidence supporting her Creek Indian ancestry.