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Jonas Bailey
B. 1770, SC
D. 6/1/1860, SC

Jonas Bailey
B. 1750, Unk
D. 1830, SC

Jesse Wesley Bailey
B. 1814, SC
D. 1876, FL

Unknown Unknown (Bailey)
B. 1750, SC
D. 1845, SC

Ann Unknown
B. 1800, Unk
D. 1865, Unk


John Henry Bailey
B. 7/1865, FL
D. 12/8/1932, FL


Capt. John 'Jack' David Ayers
B. 10/7/1791, SC
D. 1858, FL

John Ayers
B. 1763, SC
D. 10/20/1823, SC

Telitha 'Annie' Ann Frances Ayers
B. 2/18/1824, SC
D. 1880, FL

Mary Manning
B. 1766, NC
D. 1850, GA

Betsey Kegg
B. 1796, Unk
D. 1830, SC

John Kegg
B. 1770, SC
D. 1852, SC


Wiley James Parish
B. 1810, GA
D. 1860, FL

Wyatt Parish
B. 1785, NC
D. 1840, GA

William F. Parish
B. 1843, FL
D. 1878, FL

Unknown Unknown (Parish)
B. 1790, NC
D. 1840, GA

Mahala Wester
B. 1819, GA
D. 1860, FL

Elias Wester
B. 1802, GA
D. 1871, GA

Jessie Florence Parish
B. 4/15/1871, FL
D. 1900, FL


Levi Markes Lafayette Yon
B. 9/21/1810, SC
D. 5/1/1881, FL

Jesse Yon
B. 12/21/1790, SC
D. 12/21/1863, FL

Florence Ann Yon
B. 3/30/1845, AL
D. 1901, FL

Mary Ann Cumby / Cumbie
B. 1794, SC
D. 2/13/1851, FL

Nancy Eleanor Dennis
B. 10/6/1822, AL
D. 7/25/1878, FL

Charles Atkins Dennis
B. 7/8/1787, GA
D. 8/21/1844, AL

Eleanor Esther Maddox
B. 5/15/1790, GA
D. 2/5/1870, AL