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Florence Josephine Davis
and her Descendants
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Joseph Irving Davis
B. 6/15/1887
D. 12/9/1981

Jessie 'Dumpsy' Florence Bailey
B. 11/23/1894
D. 1/8/1987
GrandchildrenChildren Husband(s) Husband's Parents

The children of Franklin Howard:

  1. No children

Franklin Delano Howard
B. 11/7/1932
D. 1/8/1998

Joel Amos Howard
B. 5/12/1909
D. 7/29/2000

Henry Thomas Howard
B. 7/19/1878
D. 10/7/1965

Helen Melissa Patterson
B. 9/9/1886
D. 2/14/1940

The children of Joel Howard:

  1. No children

Joel Amos Howard
B. 5/21/1934
D. 3/8/2022

The children of Sandra Howard:

  1. Patti Lynn Bodiford (1958 - 2018)

Sandra Joesphine Howard
B. 3/10/1939
D. 8/26/2013

The children of Sylvia Wilds:

  1. No children

Sylvia Joesphine Wilds
B. 3/10/1943
D. 10/10/1968

Harley James Wilds
B. 1/14/1916
D. 5/8/1969

Samuel Charles Wilds
B. 12/31/1885
D. 3/7/1959

Della Brooks
B. 10/1/1887
D. 9/25/1967

The children of Harley 'Jimbo' Wilds:

  1. No children

Harley 'Jimbo' James Wilds
B. 8/23/1944
D. 1/6/1994

The children of Douglas Fludd:

  1. No children

Douglas Edward Fludd
B. 10/3/1951
D. 8/3/2014

Herman Curtis Fludd
B. 1/21/1921
D. 9/23/2004

Westberry B. Fludd
B. 1875
D. 1/15/1932

Mary Elizabeth Hudson
B. 1/8/1883
D. 10/7/1960