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Edward Lemuel Howard
1781 - 6/8/1832
Edward Lemuel Howard was born about 1781 somewhere in Maryland and died on June 8, 1832 in Wakulla County, Florida. Actual date of birth is unknown. He lived to be about 51 years old.

His parents were Lemuel Howard (1736 MD - 1795 Columbia Co.,GA) and Martha Scott (1741 MD - 1/22/1802 GA) Edward married Lydia Stafford in 1827.
Children: Andrew Jackson Howard (12/1827)

Edward was a carpenter and served as a powder monkey on the Sloop "Peacock" in the war of 1812. He accidentally drowned in the Aucilla River, when a wooden oar hit him on back of head causing him to fall overboard.
Military1/1/1813 FL  32 yrs old 
War of 1812 Pension Application Files - Soldier: Edward L. Howard
Widow: Lydia Howard (formerly Franklin)
Branch: US Navy Pension Number - #1: Wid Orig 44385
Roll Number: 47
Archive Publication Number: M313 
Other1/1/1826 FL (Alachua County) 45 yrs old 
Name: Lemuel Howard, State: FL, County: Alachua County, Township: No Township Given, Year: 1826, Record Type: Petitioner's List, Database: FL Early Census Index v.2 
Marriage2/19/1827 FL (Leon County) 46 yrs old 
Edward Howard married Lydia Stafford on 2/19/1827 Leon Co. 

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Click on any of the News, Events, or Discoveries buttons above to see historical things that happened during Edward Howard's life. These are only some of the major events that affected the life and times of Edward, his family, and friends. For example, Edward is 6 years old when Constitution of the United States is signed
21 1802 Georgia formally cedes western claims for its southern boundary at the 31st parallel -- which will become the north western border of FL.
29 1810 Western Florida, from the Pearl River to the Mississippi, is annexed by the US from Spain.
32 1813 During 1813-14, over 2,000 Muskogee-speaking Creeks move to Florida in response to the Creek Civil War (also known as the Red-sticks War). Most come from AL and GA.
37 1818 First Seminole Indian War takes place when Andrew Jackson brings his troops into northern Florida.
40 1821 Spain formally cedes Florida to the United States in 1821, according to terms of the Adams-Onís Treaty. Spanish colonists as well as settlers from the newly formed United States begin to pour into the new territory. Prior to this change, Florida was a wilderness sparsely dotted with settlements of native Indians, escaped/freed slaves and Spaniards.
41 1822 Florida Territory is purchased
42 1823 The Treaty of Moultrie Creek pushes the Seminole Indian towns into the interior of the Florida peninsula.
43 1824 Tallahassee is established at the capital of Florida because it is half-way between the two government centers in St. Augustine and Pensacola. The Legislative Council meets in November in a log house erected in the vicinity of today's capitol.
2 1783 The hot air balloon is invented by Michel and Montgolfier and the first people in modern history fly at an altitude of 1800 m.
4 1785 The power loom was invented by Cartwright to produce cloth.
12 1793 The cotton gin was invented by Whitney.
18 1799 The Rosetta Stone was discovered
19 1800 The first battery was invented by Volta
26 1807 The first steamboat was invented by Fulton
33 1814 The first locomotive engine was created by Stephenson
49 1830 The first railroad is constructed between Liverpool and Manchester, England
19 1800 NEWS HEADLINES: Seat of U.S. government moves from Philadelphia to Washington DC
30 1811 NEWS HEADLINES: Tecumseh's emerging Indian Confederacy is defeated at the Battle of Tippecanoe in Ohio. Afterwards, Tecumseh and his brother travel from their Shawnee homes in the north to recruit and unify the southern Indians.
31 1812 NEWS HEADLINES: War of 1812 begins and will continue for until 1814. Some call it the Second War of Independence because the US fights Great Britain to a stalemate, Americas independence was assured.
47 1828 Gold is discovered in Georgia.
6 1787 Constitution of the United States is signed
12 1793 Alexander McGillivray, the head of the Creek Indian Nation, dies. A restlessness begins to grow among the Indians in what is now Georgia, Alabama and Northern Florida as town chiefs via for the vacant leadership role.
13 1794 The United States establishes the Navy
17 1798 Mississippi Territory organized from Georgia's western land claims. It includes what will later become portions of Mississippi, Alabama and Northern Florida,
22 1803 Louisiana Purchase from France (who secured it from Spain) gives the US a huge new territory and the port of New Orleans.
23 1804 The Seminole warrior later known as Osceola is born near Tuskegee, AL.
24 1805 Federal Road project begins after the Creek Indians give the U.S. permission to develop a “horse path” through their nation that will provide better mail delivery between Washington City (DC) and New Orleans. Soon settlers are traveling and settling along this path to settle the southern frontier.
25 1806 Lewis and Clark Expedition, which began in 1804, ends. News of the rich lands to the west begins to spread.
30 1811 By 1811 the new "Federal Road" (which started as a horse path) is filled with a steady flow of white settlers into Creek Indian Territories. The Spanish begin to fan hostile sentiments among the Indians.
39 1820 The Act of April 24, 1820 abolished the land purchase credit system, fixed the price of public lands at $1.25 per acre, and set the minimum purchase at 80 acres. After a person purchased land, a final certificate was issued by the land office and sent to Washington DC to be verified and signed by the President -- a time consuming process. Public lands were most typically available through US treaties with Indians who agreed to be removed from their homelands.
49 1830 Indian Removal Act signed and the moving of eastern Indians west of the Mississippi begins.
2 1783 Peace established at Versailles between France, England, Spain and United States; Britain cedes all lands west to the Mississippi River
6 1787 Catherine the Great leads Russia into war with Turkey
7 1788 Russia begins war with Sweden
8 1789 French feudal system is abolished with the Declaration of Rights of Man. Outbreak of hostilities in France with the fall of the Bastille on July 14; Revolution in Austrian Netherlands declares independence as Belgium
11 1792 French Revolutionary Wars begin and the French royal family is imprisoned the following year
12 1793 Marie Antoinette is executed; Fugitive Slave Act passed; Roman Catholic faith is banned in France; France declares war on Britain and Holland.
14 1795 White Terror and bread riots in Paris
15 1796 Napoleon marries Josephine de Beauharnais
16 1797 Napoleon proclaims the Venetian Constitution, founds Ligurian Republic in Genoa

Lydia Stafford
Born about 1806 and died about 1910.
They were married 2/23/1827.

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The Children of Edward Lemuel Howard

43 years old
Andrew Jackson Howard
Born in Leon County, Florida on December 9, 1827 and died in Veron Parrish, Louisiana about 1885. He was about 57 years old.

Andrew was a carpenter and a shipbuilder as well as a lighthouse keeper in the 1860's. His daughter, Alice Ann recounts a story of a huge hurricane that had the family escaping the rising water by sta...
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