R.H. Blackstock, Professional Genealogist

James B. (Bear) Ward
- New Evidence

Trying to sort out the family lore has been a long-time passion. I hope the research presented here helps all of James B.'s descendants better understand his life and times. I also hope it brings all of us a little closer to learning the truth about his life and times.

Also, I am a direct descendant of James B. Ward (1796-1861) and Elizabeth English Ward (1798-1888). I descend through their daughter Mary Jane Ward Davis (1838-1921), her daughter Malissa Davis Patterson (1865-1926), her daughter Helen Malissa Patterson Howard (1886-1940), her son Joel Amos Howard, Sr. (1909-2000), and my father, Franklin D. Howard (1932-1998).

  1. Continuing the Research from 2006 — a Review of prior research
  2. New Evidence #1 — Jackson County, FL
  3. New Evidence #2 — Jackson County Land
  4. New Evidence #3 — Arriving in Jackson County, FL
  5. New Evidence #4 — Military
  6. New Evidence #5 — The Cattle Connection
  7. New Evidence #6 — Wilkerson County, GA
  8. Conclusion