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Matilda Michels
and her Descendants
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Nicolaus G Michels
B. 2/14/1830
D. 2/25/1898

Gertrude Schmelzer
B. 8/27/1837
D. 2/28/1905
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The children of Loyola Kalthoff:

  1. No children

Loyola Elizabeth Kalthoff
B. 5/1895
D. 5/1995

Robert Casper Kalthoff
B. 1866
D. 1966

August Kalthoff
B. 1826
D. 1899

Dorothea Cramer
B. 1839
D. 11/15/1909

The children of Edgar Kalthoff:

  1. No children

Edgar Nicholas Kalthoff
B. 5/2/1901
D. 10/4/1987