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Mary Allie Kent
and her Descendants
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John Allen Kent
B. 5/4/1853
D. 2/1/1929

Sarah Elizabeth Kelly
B. 9/29/1862
D. 1/11/1926
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The children of Bessie Davis:

  1. No children

Bessie L. Davis
B. 1913
D. 3/1/1934

Robert 'Bob' Ellis Davis
B. 11/12/1882
D. 7/6/1972

Franklin Angus Davis
B. 12/15/1852
D. 1937

Josephine Louisa Nixon
B. 8/9/1860
D. 1/11/1910

The children of Ina Davis:

  1. No children

Ina Inez Davis
B. 11/12/1918
D. 1/23/1987

The children of Earl Davis:

  1. Billy Earl Davis (1944 - 2015)

Earl Shelby Davis
B. 3/14/1921
D. 11/9/1976