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Claudia L. Pope
and her Descendants
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James Leonard Pope
B. 1/19/1860
D. 12/28/1909

Elizabeth Isibelle (Bella) Montford
B. 2/5/1860
D. 11/29/1909
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The children of Edna Cain:

  1. Claudia Faye Bailey (1933 - 2013)

Edna Lois Cain
B. 11/26/1910
D. 12/30/1960

Alexander W. Cain
B. 4/7/1878
D. 11/28/1935

John Nathaniel Cain
B. 10/6/1836
D. 4/27/1880

Marinthia Powell
B. 2/1842
D. 6/13/1919