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Martha Jane Rigsby - Howard 

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Simeon Daniel Howard Jr.
12/11/1837 - 1/9/1919

Minerva Rigsby
1846 - 1910
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Martha Jane Rigsby - Howard
1865 - 1900
Martha Jane Rigsby - Howard was born about 1865 somewhere in Georgia and died about 1900 somewhere in Georgia. Dates for birth and death are estimated. She lived to be about 35 years old.

She married Henry H. Crawford (1859- before 1900)
Simmie Crawford (July 1882 GA)-(she was blind)
Henry D.Crawford (Dec. 1884 GA -bef.1919)-married Ethel Blanchard
Rena Crawford (Aug. 1886 GA -bef. 1919)
James Enock Crawford (4/10/1889 GA - 2/11/1930)
Other9/7/1875 GA (Calhoun County) 10 yrs old 
Calhoun County ~ To the Superior of said county
The petition of Simeon D. Howard of said county respectfully showeth that he is desirous of adopting the girl child of Manerva Rigsby named Martha Jane Rigsby so as to render said child capable of inheriting petitioners property & partaking petitioners name. That said child is of the age of ten years. And that the petitioners is the reported father of said child Martha Ann, and that the mother of said child is incapable of raise & educate & support said child is living and consents to petitioners so application. Wherefore petitioners prays to passing an order in conformity with the statue in such case made and primed.
This Sept. 6th 1875 Simeon D. Howard by his atty. L. G. Castledge
I consent to the above petition this Sept. 7th 1875
Manerva Rigsby
( her mark)
In presences of J R Brown
If appearing by the petitioners of Simeon D. Howard of said county that said petitioner is desirous of adopting Martha Jane Rigsby the reputed child of said petitioners so as to render said child capable of inheriting his petitioners property and if appearing that the mother of said child consents to said application and the court being satisfied of the truth of the facts stated in said petition therefore it is ordered and declared Martha Ann Rigsby daughter of Manerva Rigsby of the age of ten years the refuted child of petitioners in the adopted child of said petitioners and capable of inherently his property according to the state in such case is made ; and it is further ordered that said child take the name of petitioner according to the statute in such cases made
Save in open court this Sept. 21 st 1875
John L. Harris Judge of le Blessedly  
Census6/8/1880 1123 District GA (Calhoun County) 15 yrs old 
#53 -- Sim D. Howard (age 36, a farmer born in AL, both parents born in GA) and his wife Polly (age 40, born in GA, both parents born in GA). Willie Crawford (16, born in GA), a nephew, is living with them and working as a farm laborer.

#54 - Henry H. Crawford (21) and wife, Martha J. (16). both born in GA. Henry is a farm laborer.

#56: Mary A. Howard (age 39, born in GA) is listed as head of household consisting of her sisters: Sarah J (age 34), Renea (age 27), Elizabeth (age 11), Sena B. (age 2, relationship stated as Mary's niece). All say they were born in AL, their father was born in GA and their mother was born in North Carolina. Sarah is a farm laborer and the rest are keeping house.

note next door to Sim is Ann L. Ellis (1827 AL) she is the widow of William B. Ellis (1830 GA) -he maybe related to Sim's mother 

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Click on any of the News, Events, or Discoveries buttons above to see historical things that happened during Martha Rigsby - Howard's life. These are only some of the major events that affected the life and times of Martha, her family, and friends. For example, Martha is 3 years old when An eight-hour work day is established for federal employees.
5 1870 Douglas, McDuffie, Rockdale, and Dodge Counties formed.
10 1875 Oconee County formed.
4 1869 Cro-magnon Man fossils are found in France
12 1877 Edison invents the phonograph permitting music and voices to be recorded and replayed.
14 1879 Edison invents the electric light bulb.
24 1889 The first calculating machine is invented and uses punch cards
30 1895 Wireless telegraph and the "antenna" are invented but it covers a very short distance.
32 1897 First ship to shore message is sent using an improved form of wireless telegraph
35 1900 The cause of yellow fever is discovered. It is proven that the fever is spread by mosquitoes. This rallies an effort to provide better mosquito control.
35 1900 Freud publishes his book "The Interpretation of Dreams"
17 1882 NEWS HEADLINES: Edison creates the first large power station in New York City, making it the first place in America to have electricity.
20 1885 NEWS HEADLINES: Eastman invents the box camera. For the first time photography becomes affordable for the average citizen.
3 1868 An eight-hour work day is established for federal employees.
10 1875 Tennessee enacts Jim Crow law.
11 1876 The National League of Baseball is founded

Henry Crawford
Born about 1859 and died about 1900
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The Children of Martha Jane Rigsby - Howard

Henry Dowling Crawford
Born somewhere in Georgia on December 18, 1882 and died in Cedar Springs, Early County, Georgia on December 29, 1919. He was 37 years old.

He married Ethel P. Blanchard (9/12/1887 - 4/23/1975)
Their children were:
Mattie B. (4/10/1908 - 3/1989) - married _____ Lane, _____Mercer.
Ouida Iona(5/22/1911-9/2/2002)-married Arthur Har...
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Simmie Crawford
Born somewhere in Georgia on an unknown day in July 1882 and died somewhere in Georgia about 1945. She was about 62 years old.

She was blind. After the death of her parents she lived with her grandfather Simeon D. Howard Jr. After his death she lived at the Dixie Boarding House in Bainbridge, Georgia. ...
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