Florida History Articles

Frank D. Howard, Ph.D.
and his family

The following articles were written by Dr. Howard. Adding these articles to the internet is a work in process. Enjoy what's here and please check back later when illustrations have been included for each of these articles.

Look Out!! Cows on the Road
Traveling Florida roads in 1937 could be dangerous.
North Florida B-17 Crash
Thats right! A B-17 air plane crashed near St. Martks.
Florida Tidbits: Flags
Did you know "Florida, the Sovereign Nation" once flew over Florida?
Florida Tidbits: What's in a Name?
How did names like Wakulla, Tallahassee, and Chattahoochee come to be?
Florida's Sesquicentennial as a State
Florida's trek into statehood.
Florida Hurricanes
Remembering hurricanes from the past can better prepare us for those of today. Includes definitions and effects for each of the five hurricane catagories as well as maps of hurricane landfalls.
Hurricane Kate
One family's 1985 Hurricane Kate adventure.
Florida Tidbit: The Florida Keys
Some interesting and little known facts about the Florida Keys.
Florida....12,500 Years Ago
Mammoths were common in this area as well as other prehistoric animals.
The Ochlockonee River
Little known facts about the Ochlockonee River in Florida.
Revolutionary War
Pensacola, Florida's role in the Revolutionary War.
Plank Roads of Northern Florida
Do you know the difference between a "plank road" and a "corduroy road"?
Are civil war re-enactments worth all that trouble?
Florida Tidbits: Siege
Did you know that St. Augustine was under siege in 1586?
Florida Tidbits: Florida Settlement
When did people settle in Florida and why?
Shell Point
Have you ever strolled along the beach and found pottery? Ever wonder how old it might be?
The Sopchoppy River
Did you know it was called Rio Chachave in 1683?
St. Marks
Did you know that St. Marks was visited by Hernando de Soto in 1539?
St. Marks River
Did you know that the first ship building, the first iron forge, and the first burial of foreign royalty happened along the St. Marks river?
Swine in Early Florida
How did pigs get in Florida?
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