Printed from the Halley-Howard Family Photo Album

Where and When Did Our Ancestors Live?

This report is designed to show the migration of family groups over generations. By looking at birth and death locations for members of a family, you can learn about when and where they lived. Many of these movements are directly related to the colonization of America.

Listed below are the surnames for major family groups posted on this website. The number of people in each family group is shown in parenthesis. Place a dot beside one of the family surname below and then click the Generate Report button to learn about their movements through history.

Choose A Surname
 Adams (12)
 Arnold (13)
 Auten (20)
 Ayers (38)
 Bailey (79)
 Bevis (22)
 Brown (11)
 Buchanan (12)
 Cain (9)
 Clark (11)
 Coxwell (12)
 Crawford (9)
 Davis (185)
 Etheridge (12)
 Grant (38)
 Green (15)
 Halley (52)
 Hamilton (15)
 Howard (70)
 Johnson (18)
 Koser (24)
 Mote (9)
 Parish (20)
 Patterson (23)
 Peacock (71)
 Pope (11)
 Rigsby (14)
 Sapronetti (16)
 Smith (16)
 Stone (14)
 Unknown (9)
 Walker (32)
 Ward (31)
 Wood (15)
 Yon (35)