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Andrew  Peacock 

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William Peacock
1642 - 12/24/1721

Catherine M. Andrews
1652 - 1738
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Andrew Peacock
1665 - 1740
Andrew Peacock was born about 1665 somewhere in Virginia and died about 1740 in an unknown place. Dates for birth and death are estimated. He lived to be about 75 years old.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While records exist to prove this person existed, it is not clear at this time as to the exact relationship of this person and those currently shown as brothers, sisters, or parents. We are listing them as 'best guess' only.

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Click on any of the News, Events, or Discoveries buttons above to see historical things that happened during Andrew Peacock's life. These are only some of the major events that affected the life and times of Andrew, his family, and friends. For example, Andrew is 5 years old when In March, the first permanent settlement in South Carolina is established at Albemarle Point (Charles Town, SC).
1 1666 Sir Isaac Newton invents calculus
7 1672 The laws of gravity are defined by Isaac Newton; France invades Rhine as Dutch open dikes to flood Amsterdam to keep it from falling under French rule.
5 1670 In March, the first permanent settlement in South Carolina is established at Albemarle Point (Charles Town, SC).
16 1681 Pennsylvania is founded after William Penn, a Quaker, receives a Royal charter and land grant from King Charles II.
35 1700 By the early 1700's, Virginia and Maryland have established a strong economic and social structure. The planters of the tidewater region, with abundant slave labor, have large houses, an aristocratic way of life, and a desire to follow the art and culture of Europe. Less wealthy German and Scots-Irish immigrants settle inland, populating the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia as well as the Appalachian Mountains. Those on the frontier build small cabins and cultivate corn and wheat.
55 1720 The population of American colonists reaches 475,000. Boston (pop. 12,000) is the largest city, followed by Philadelphia (pop. 10,000) and New York (pop. 7000)
65 1730 Map of US Colonies
67 1732 James Oglethorpe establishes the Georgia Colony in the new world. The new settlers form friendships with the Creek Indian Nation towns in this area. Georgia is the thirteen English colony to be settled.
1 1666 Great Fire of London
5 1670 Hudson Bay Company formed (English)
8 1673 England's Test Act excludes Roman Catholics from holding office
24 1689 England's Bill of Rights created. European Nine Year's War begin and grows into a world-wide event. It ends in 1697.
25 1690 Ireland's Battle of Boyne
28 1693 National debt begins in England
33 1698 Tsar Peter the Great begins traveling Europe
36 1701 England's Act of Settlement created; War of Spanish Succession begins
42 1707 Scotland and England unite to form "Great Britain"
50 1715 War of Spanish Succession ends
73 1738 System of forced labor to build roads in France is devised by Jean Orry

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